Cascadia Analytics was formed in 2017 by Scott Came.

Scott's goal in creating the firm is to leverage his passions for machine learning, visualization, and software engineering to build innovative decision-making tools for organizations seeking to make a difference in the world.

Scott began his career in the early 1990s munging unemployment insurance data in COBOL on an IBM mainframe, and using SAS to create visualizations and run regressions to assess the effectiveness of states' training programs on employment and wage outcomes. He subsequently worked in areas as diverse as immigration, forest management, and health care. For fun, he analyzed basketball, baseball and golf data to deepen his enjoyment of these incredible games.

For the past decade, Scott has been working in justice and public safety, helping state and local governments be more efficient and effective through use of information. He and his team at SEARCH and the Open Justice Broker Consortium have developed an analytics platform that makes justice system information available for strategic decision-making. He has been active in encouraging the use of open source software and the availability of open data in government across the United States.

Very recently, Scott has become active in Data for Democracy, an active, passionate community of people using data to drive better decisions and improve the world in which we live. He is also supporting efforts to use information to improve health and delivery of healthcare services in Africa.